Just the other day I was at a thrift store and on my way out noticed that there were some old Life magazines in their dumpster out front. If any of you know me, I think you know what comes next...

That's right, I pulled them out -- most of them turned out to be from the mid 1960's.

I really haven't had much of a chance to look at them until today. When I was at my girlfriend's house her parents and I were looking through them. I was mostly loking at the really cool car ads - like the 1969 Chevelle SS and the 1970 Torino line (this is the actual pic I have) and the 1966 Olds Toronado or one of my personal favorites, the 1966 Ford Ranchero. Man the cars back then were so cool! too bad they drank gas like I drink milk.

One of these days I am going to get me a muscle car, something with a HUGE engine that makes lots of noise and really can push you back in your seat, Mazdas only do so much : )

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I'm Jean Valjean!

"(No, really.) Some people may see you as a little sanctimonious, but though you care deeply about doing right, you're not above a little skulduggery in a good cause. Being in touch with your spiritual side doesn't make you an easy target... on the contrary, in fact."

Well, be that as it may, I'm a little skeptical about this survey.

Which Les Mis Character Are You?


Just a quick post today.

Please pray for those who have homes on the gulf coast of Texas. I hear that the storm is supposed to hit right on Galveston and sweep over Houston. Weather.com says that the storm is up to Category 5 and still growing.

Specifically, there is a girl in my studio who is from Houston and she has basically given up hope of seeing her home or her grandparent's home ever again. Also I met a girl from Victoria whose parents had called and asked what she wanted from her room and that she had two boxes space to work with.

Looks like the storm will hit Dallas on Monday morning if it keeps up.

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There is an eccentric black gentleman who rides around the city of Lubbock on his modified bicycle. The bike has no seat; but rather has the pedals there where the seat should be. This sounds awkward you say? Yes it kind of is.

Another thing I have seen is that periodically he will wear a black cape, I have been told that he is the unofficial mascot of Texas Tech, who knows.

Because his pedals are where the seat goes it requires him to perch up high, it can't be comfortable but you always see him in this fashion. In fact many people have seen him, just about every one has some story about meeting him or a friend meeting him. But I never could find out his name.

Well yesterday night I met him for the first time. He was riding in front of Varsity bookstore and he asked for some change, I was sad to inform him that I had none but I promised him I would give him twice as much next time. Well he turned and started to ride away but I called after him to ask his name.

He told me his name was Cornelius

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At the risk of repeating myself I would like to point back to Challies.com to a post he put up today on

"Open-Theism in Action"

Young people need to identify this currently popular heresy and know why it is wrong. It is easy to say "I don't believe that" but more important to know (and be able to explain) why it is wrong.

Make sure you read the comments too.

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