I was doing some hands on research for the current project this afternoon. First we went to Hemmele Hall on campus and watched the university orchestra practice (sounded pretty good too) then we went around the music building.

After class was out several of us went to the Civic Center to see the City Theater and it was a good bit nicer. The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra plays there as they had obviously put a little more time into designing it.

The project we are designing right now is a multi-use facility (like before) but this time it is a perfomance hall/music store/music school/apartment complex and it is located in Lubbock.


Well I finally found my camera (it had been missing since spring break) and so I now have the priviledge of showing two pictures I am proud of - the first is a little fuzzy I had a hard time getting a good picture but if you have discerning eyes you can see that it is a Dodge Viper.
This car is a little rarer than the Viper - I thought at first it was a Lamborghini Diablo but it is not. It is in fact a Lamborghini Countach Anniversario - manufactured some time between '88 and '90 . Pretty Cool eh? Well the coolest part about it is that "they" keep track of cars this rare, according to the registry there are (a minimum of) 8 of these registered in Texas. Most of the 657 (that is all they ever made) of these are in Europe.
Amazingly I saw these both on the same day, Sunday at the beginning of Spring break. I need to thank Mulltrain for rummaging around in the back of my car to get my camera out of my boot so that I could take these pictures. Fun times.


Well spring break is over and done. Emily is married and back from her honeymoon and everything is going well. I am enertaining my brother at school for the better part of this week and we may post some recordings soon of songs we have recently done. Got to go have lunch now-- Bye.


Today one of my daily reads in the design world had a post on spectacular storms. They had some of the most beautiful pictures but more than that it was one of their comments that caught my eye.

The comment that accompanied this picture was "An almost theologically intense supercell, photographed by Mike Hollingshead"

The Mike Hollinghshead part is true - and he has a great website, he also sells prints of his pictures.

The part I take offense at is how the writer at BLDGBLOG thinks this is an "almost" theologically intense storm. Sad that some of the most beautiful arkwork of all, Nature, is an accident to them - as I have quoted before: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1


Here is my desk as I work on the Lubbock Music Center Project:

Pretty organized huh? I cleaned it all up after the last project. Take note of the drink LN...


How is this new color scheme? Can everyone see all the fonts on their monitors? Let me know so that I can get it right.


Tim Challies is at it again--

Right now he is "LiveBlogging" the Shepherd's Conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and from what I have read so far he has already gotten some really good teaching.

I encourage all to read his blog and learn. There are so many good and edifiying biblically based blogs out there to read. Some, like Faith and Practice are basically like reading tough sermons (though they are a little shorter) and some, like Tim's or The Team Pyro Blog are a little easier to swallow though they have their moments too (and over my head some times)

Have a Good Day!