Well I tried something out last night that didn't turn out so well.

I decided that I would build a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the nice heat with the lights all out. It was very pleasant until the fire started to die down. The smoke then ceased going up the chimney and decided it would go anywhere it liked -- which mostly consisted of the whole apartment.

Today it seemed to be worse, and Brent (my roommate) couldn't take it anymore (not that I was complacent about the whole matter but my efforts to this afternoon didn't really help). He busted out the febreeze and all 6 candles he owns and proceeded to fumigate the apartment.

It smells really nice now. The intensity of the candles this evening are second only to antique malls or very gifty gift shops selling ceramic figurines (well okay, almost). But it really is way better than it was this afternoon that is for sure.

Looking forward to going home the end of this month : )

Signing Off...


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Being there was one of the most incredible things I have done since I started college.