I was filing through my pictures from earlier this semester and I found this one. I suppose that I was interested in the connection of the walls to the floor or perhaps it was the difference in textures.

Whatever it was-- this has to be the most boring picture on my computer and yet I like it alot.

I don't suppose that boring always means bad...

Well I have managed to write a whole (but short) blog entry about a picture of a corner. Hmm

Signing off...


Here, for your enjoyment, is a picture I took about a month ago at a church campout.

We drove north of Lubbock to Palo Duro Canyon and spent one night at the State Park there. It was fun but it was COLD!

If I went again I would have to be a little better prepared. I didn't have my sleeping bag with me at school so I tried the old "two blanket trick" but it was way too cold for that.

I like how in this picture if you look really hard you can see the sky in the background. It was a timed exposure (length was about 5-8 seconds) and so you ge the cool blurry effect.

Signing off...