The first is the pearl ring that I designed for Jenny (obviously) it was made by J. Keith's Jewelers

The second ring is the one that Jenny bought me to wear whilst we are engaged. It came from James Avery.

A picture of us together will come soon.



Blogger LN said...

It's beautiful! Jenny's, I mean. Thanks for the close-up.

When I showed it to Everett, he wanted to know "are there any pictures of them having fun with their rings on?"

: )

11 December, 2006 08:20  
Blogger ~e said...


11 December, 2006 13:37  
Blogger Clock On a Green Wall said...


11 December, 2006 14:30  
Blogger Gracie said...

that's so cool that you designed her ring! and congratulations!

12 December, 2006 12:23  
Anonymous Jesse L. said...

Congratulations! We actually got the story on Sunday morning from Kathy who said that she saw you in Lubbock carrying the ring before you proposed to her. (btw, love the rings!) Have y'all decided on a date yet?

12 December, 2006 19:32  
Blogger GravyGal said...

"You've worshipped her for years!"

A long and wonderful life to you both! May God bless you with many children, for as it has been stated: "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth." (Ps 127:4)

13 December, 2006 12:29  
Blogger Jill said...

I am truly happy for you two, and I think you will have a wonderful marriage that is an encouraging example to everyone around you!

01 January, 2007 09:44  
Blogger blake white said...

Congrats man! I am happy for you both.

04 February, 2007 10:28  

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